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Message to whoever loves Brazilian Carnaval: the black woman is not your sex object!

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Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: With Carnaval celebrations and associated festivities heating up, the image of the voluptuous, sexy and (many believe) sexually available black woman will again take center stage, as always, supplying one of the few images of representation that is offered to her all year long. Even though the issue of “black woman as sex object” has been covered here, the evidence also being clear, and how the stereotype continues to live on, this topic can never be covered enough, particularly with Carnaval season arriving and Brazil being such a willing participant in the dissemination of such an image. It is with such a background that makes today proclamation all the more relevant. 

My carne (flesh/meat) is of Carnival, not your sexual object!

Courtesy of Coletivo Negração; Photos: Gênova Wisniewski

“… Now, we extend our gaze to observe the following: At least since the early nineteenth century…

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