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Figuring out travel, food, life & exploring Brussels whenever I'm there


September 2011

Hi. I’m Tricia, almost 31 years old, a designer and live in Brooklyn. I also like to travel, a lot, but I do love a sense of home though. The past few months have been full of traveling and in a few weeks I’ll be going to Brussels, Belgium for 2.5 months to try my hand at being an ex-pat. In the meantime, I’m using the blog to post travel photos, resources for whatever I need in Brussels and other trips. Plus, to try out my new Lomo camera kit I have, by posting photos weekly.

As of July 2012

I’m actually 31 years old now and just a few weeks from turning 32. I’m back in New York City, settled into a new apartment with a full time job, freelancing and still traveling over to Brussels to see friends and my boyfriend who lives there.

I dropped off from using the blog for a while and for stupid reasons but have the itch to restart it and post all of my updates from my Europe trip last Fall. After all, it’ll be a year since I left New York to live in Brussels. I’ll do catch up posting throughout the end of July and through August. This will fun. Finally.

Have anything cool to add? Please do, I’d love to hear from you. Either comment below or email me at brandnewsomewhere at gmail dot com.

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