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Yeah, so Paris and Orangina, I don’t understand these zebra tiddays you’re hawking. Really.

Or the giraffe tiddays either.

Yeah, I also don't understand the giraffe tiddays either, Orangina #Paris

Charles De Gaulle American Airlines Terminal

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Apartment options in Paris? Which section would you stay?

Hi there folks! A friend and I will be visiting Paris the second week of September and I’m trying to get some recommendations as to in which neighbourhood we should stay. Neither of us has been to Paris before and don’t mind walking around or exploring. Here are some of our character profiles:

+ I would have just turned 31, she’ll be 40
+ both designers so would like some place artsy not touristy
+ don’t mind it being a little further out from the center but not too far
+ would rather rent an apartment than a hotel room
+ staying for 5/6 days
+ we can probably do about $150 – $200/night split between the two of us
+ plan on walking around food markets, shops, and lounging in the parks eating and drinking wine a lot
+ we’re both food people and would love to be near an area close to inexpensive (street), middle and expensive options
+ plan to cook in the apartment, especially for breakfast and a couple of times for dinner
+ don’t mind if there are some brown folks or queer folks around

We’re currently looking on with a few saved. I was going to expand my search to as well after this hellish week of MFA thesis is done.

I know there are at least 4 or 5 people I know who’ve been to Paris, even on a regular basis. After Paris, we’re going on to Lisbon, Portugal and will stay at my friend’s apartment so that’s all good. I can’t wait for this trip, I need a break from stress and the US for a bit.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!