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The Paris Bucket List


Alright, so we made a brief list of places to hit while Paris. Of course, we’ve made time for just wandering around. Any suggestions or additions? Merci!


– Pompidou

– English language book store – Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore or Shakespeare & Co

– Notre Dame Cathedral

– lunch with Chris Hoover

– dinner or lunch with Eddie or Megan

– Eiffel Tower

– Black Writers in Paris hangouts

– Le Corbusier buildings

– Versailles

– Les Halles food market – Saturday

– one of the restaurants participating in Le Fooding

3 thoughts on “The Paris Bucket List

  1. No suggestions apart from maybe trying a Seine boat trip, bateaux-mouches. We had our honeymoon in Paris in 1978 and everything seemed magical then! Our final day was Bastille Day so we woke up to parades and flypasts outside our balcony.

    • Fairy, my friend and I were thinking about doing a boat trip back home after the Eiffel Tower tonight but figured it was going to be insanely expensive. Maybe that’s something we can do on Saturday after we’re tired of a week of walking around :).

  2. Flea Market at Clingacourt. Not to be missed

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